General Maintenance in Bowling Green, KY

As a car owner, you want to maintain your car in great shape and ensure that it remains reliable for years to come. By staying current with your car's general maintenance, you will achieve that and much more. At BG Mobile Mechanics, we understand that your car is a valuable investment. As such, we will walk with you and help you stay on track with your car maintenance needs as specified on your owner manual. With us, your vehicle will never miss a service, ensuring that you and your car are always safe. Most general maintenance services are simple and inexpensive compared to the serious, costly, and sometimes irreversible damages that result from ignoring these schedules.

BG Mobile Mechanic is family-owned and operated. We, therefore, guarantee to serve you right, keep you safe, comfortable, and confident with the quality of our services. We guarantee this with thorough inspections, honest feedback, and recommendations at the most affordable rates in Bowling Green, KY, and surrounding areas. You do not have to waste time planning for a visit or spending your day at a repair shop when working with us. Because you chose us, we will deliver quick and reliable maintenance services right to your home, office or apartment. The following are some of the general maintenance services we offer our clients:

Fluid Top-offs, Flushes and Fluid Exchanges

There are several fluids that keep your vehicle's crucial systems running. They include brake fluids, coolant fluid, power transmission fluid, and transmission fluid to name a few. When their levels are low, we will top it up to its correct levels. When dirty, we will schedule for a fluid exchange service, drain the old fluid and replace it with fresh fluid.

Oil Change

You should have your car oil changes every 3,000-10,000 miles to ensure the engine parts are well lubricated and running smoothly. Trust us to follow your car owner manual to understand when your car is due for an oil change.

Serpentine and Timing Belt Inspection and Replacement

Your vehicle depends on these two belts to keep the engine and its components running. The timing belt synchronizes the internal engine system while the serpentine belt drives such engine components as the alternator, power steering pump, and water pump. As a rule, if thumb, you should have the belts replaced every 60,000-100,000 miles. At BG Mobile Mechanics, we will follow your vehicle's manufacturer-recommended schedule to ensure that it remains in premium condition.

If your car is due for general maintenance in Bowling Green, KY, our professional technicians at BG Mobile Mechanic are only one call away.

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