Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Vehicle's Warning Lights

Newer vehicle models feature innovative safety technologies to enhance driving safety. They come with warning lights that flash on the dashboard that illuminate in different colors. These warning lights serve a critical role because they alert the driver of a potential issue with a particular vehicle component. While they might have an appealing visual effect, these lights can save you the trouble of dealing with costly and sophisticated auto repair works.

What Do Dashboard Warning Lights in My Car Mean?

You may not fix the problem indicated by a warning light professionally. Still, it helps to gather as much information as possible about the meaning of the various warning lights. The check engine light is perhaps the most commonly known warning light, but many can't easily interpret the brake, coolant, airbag, or tire pressure warning lights. Moreover, drivers tend to delay vehicle maintenance schedules because they think that these other warning lights aren't as crucial as the check engine light.

Vehicles have advanced technological/computer systems that monitor their performance. A car's computer system has many sensors that scan the car's operations and send signals of any problems to a central control unit that in turn, sends the feedback as an alert through the warning light on the dash.

In 1996, automakers created the On-Board Diagnostics II system to standardize the identification and standardization of auto troubleshooting and diagnostics. Once the car sensors identify a problem, it sends it in the form of an OBD-II code. Therefore, even after the check engine light flashes, you'll require a suitable scanning device to decipher the code and isolate the actual issue affecting the engine. That's why professional auto technicians use OBDII scanners and sophisticated computer diagnostic equipment when scanning warning lights.

Apart from the check engine light, other critical warning lights that you need not ignore include the following:

  • Tire Pressure Light
  • Braking Light
  • Airbag Light
  • Battery Light
  • Oil Pressure Light
  • Thermometer Light
  • Transmission Temperature Light
  • Power Steering Light
  • Washer Fluid Levels
  • Traction Control
  • Engine Start Light

When you notice a warning light flashing on your dashboard next time, give our shop a call for mobile service. We will professionally diagnose the problem and provide quality and affordable repairs.

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