Why Is My Car Vibrating When I Brake?

There must be an issue with your vehicle when it shakes and vibrates when you're braking. There are various reasons for your vehicle's vibration, and sometimes it might not necessarily be a brake replacement issues. Still, the jiggling occurs when you brake, which means your braking system is affected, and that's enough to cause panic, especially when you're a daily driver.

Vehicle Shaking Signs and Symptoms

As mentioned earlier, your car vibrations can be caused by several failing components of the vehicle. For instance, work out tires and misaligned wheels can cause vibrations. Nonetheless, if you try to slow down the machine, it means something is wrong with one or two components of the braking system. The brake system comprises numerous parts, and you need to find the specific component causing the issue.

If you're inexperienced in a vehicle's braking system's working mechanism, here are some of the possible reasons why your car shakes when braking.

Failing Brake Rotors

When you press the brake pedal, the brake pads press against the rotors and slow their rotation or bring them to a stop. If the rotors are loosely attached or out of balance, they start to vibrate whenever you hit the brakes, sending tremors to the brake pedal and the steering wheel.

Worn-n-Torn Brake Pads

Having worn out brake pads is pretty normal because they work under high heat and friction. However, if the pads get worn to less than a ¼ of their original depth, your vehicle may wiggle when you brake. With worn out pads, the vibration is usually caused by the brake-pad wear indicator that releases a sharp squeal when it's time to replace them.

Stuck Brake Calipers

The brake calipers house the brake pads and press them against the rotors when the hydraulic fluid within the system pumps through the brake lines. If there's a vibration in your car when you brake, it might be that the pads are stuck in the calipers and can't reach the rotors.

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