Why Are My Defrosters Not Working?

With temperatures dropping quickly in Bowling Green, KY, you may wake up to a frosted-over windshield. When this happens, everyone looks to their defrosters for assistance. The defroster makes it quick and easy to clear if it windshields. When it is not working, you may wonder what the problem may be.

To understand what problems can arise with your defrosters, you should know that there are two types in most cars. Your front windshield defrosters repurpose engine heat or utilize the HVAC system to point air on the windshield. The vents are located at the bottom of the windshield. The other type of defroster is located in the rear windshield. Typically, the rear model uses electric power to heat up small wires in the glass. That is why you may notice the ice melting in horizontal lines.

Common Front Defroster Issues

  • Broken Buttons or Switches
  • Low Coolant
  • Faulty Blower Motor 

Common Rear Defroster Issues

  • Blown Fuse
  • Loose Connectivity
  • Bad Wires

Your defrosters play a major role in everyday driving, especially during the colder months. Without them, you will have to make do with DIY methods to defrost your windshield. And if drivers don’t have the patience, they cope and end up driving with poor visibility (which is highly not recommended).

At our auto repair shop, we genuinely care about your safety. If your front or rear windshield defroster is not working, please call or visit BG Mobile Mechanic to have your defrosters repaired. Feel free to schedule an appointment online.

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