What Happens If You Don’t Change Your Engine Oil?

Today’s combustion engine is complex with many moving components that work together to generate a significant amount of power. Friction and heat are being created every time we run our cars. To keep all the engine components cool and functional, motor oil is necessary to serve as a lubricant or protective layer between all the parts. Over time, the oil will break down and require changing.


You’re probably wondering what most people wonder ALL THE TIME, and that is “How often should I change my oil”. And to be frank, there’s no right answer for all cars. Oil intervals can vary depending on the car’s model, age, and the type of oil that is recommended by the automaker. Some vehicles require an oil change service every 3,000 miles, and others can go 5,000 miles or beyond before needing one.


Engine oil changes should always be done according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. If your automaker recommends using conventional oil, your oil interval can range from 3,000-5,000 miles. Whereas, using full synthetic oil can stretch the interval to be 7,500 miles or longer. You can find all the info you’d ever need on oil changes in the owner’s manual.


What Happens if You Do Not Change Your Oil?

As we’ve covered a little bit of this before, the friction of moving engine metal parts can intensify as a result of ineffective oil. Furthermore, the temperatures can increase. Before you know it, your engine will suffer from damage. Besides risking these costly repairs, you may experience the following symptoms from poor oil maintenance:

  • Reduced Fuel Economy - The engine will overwork itself to obtain the same amount of power. Your fuel mileage will drop as a result of the engine sludge.
  • Poor Emission Levels - The longer you let dirty oil remain in the engine, the more fuel and sludge will mix. When unburned fuel is left in the engine for too long, it can cause excess carbon deposits or smog to emit from your exhaust system.

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