What Does An Oil Filter Do?

All drivers know that oil changes are an important maintenance task, but when they go to schedule their service, they often neglect to mention the oil filter. Thankfully, most mechanics will change it with an oil change anyway. Your engine needs this filter to block out contaminants from getting into your engine oil. Over time, you can expect the oil filter to get dull, clog up, and no longer be effective at filtering out the debris. If you let it sit, the rubble can severely harm your engine.


Most cars nowadays have more extensive change intervals thanks to the modernization of synthetic oil and synthetic blends. In fact, some modern vehicles can run up to 10k or 15k miles before needing an oil change. However, it's best to go by your manufacturer's recommendations with the type of oil you use, and the specified change interval for your vehicle make/model. 


Why is a longer oil interval important? Usually, you will need a higher-quality filter to match your long-lasting synthetic oil. A standard oil filter intended to be used with traditional motor oil can do the job for roughly 5000 miles. However, if you are using synthetic motor oil, you may need an oil filter with a higher capacity. That is why it is vital to discuss this with your mechanic before proceeding with the oil service.


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