What Are The Symptoms of A Bad Catalytic Converter?

Driving with a damaged catalytic converter can lead to failed emissions tests and suspension of your vehicle registration. If you suspect your catalytic converter is failing, don't wait! Bring your vehicle into our shop at your earliest convenience. 


What Your Catalytic Converter Does

Your catalytic converter is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. It's responsible for converting harmful toxins that can come from your car's engine into more environmentally friendly byproducts. The most common byproducts produced by catalytic converters are breathable water vapor and carbon dioxide.


These less harmful products make it safer for passengers in vehicles to breathe cleaner air. It also causes lower emissions on the road.


How to Tell If Your Catalytic Converter is Going Bad?

There are a few key signs that tell you that your catalytic converter may be about to go bad. Many drivers report an unpleasant smell like rotting eggs before their catalytic converters go out.


Sluggish engine performance is another sign that your converter is having trouble.


If your vehicle is having any of the symptoms above with problems speeding up and dark-colored smoking coming from the exhaust, you may need catalytic converter service.


Contacting an automotive professional as soon as you suspect that your catalytic converter is failing can save you tons of time and money in the long run.


Get Catalytic Converter Repair in Bowling Green, KY

In most states, driving with a missing catalytic converter is not only a smoky and smelly experience — it's also illegal. A failing catalytic converter can easily cause a failed emissions test and so on. Many cities and states require a passing emissions test to register a vehicle. Driving without a catalytic converter can contribute to higher emissions in the atmosphere. Don't risk driving with a damaged or missing catalytic converter.


If your vehicle is showing symptoms of impending catalytic converter failure or if you need catalytic converter repair, give BG Mobile Mechanic a call today!

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