Signs You Need Suspension Repair

The suspension system of your car works to ensure driving comfort is sustained. It smoothens out the bumps on the road providing traction and keeps the wheels on the ground. This system is complex and composed of different components such as shock absorbers, struts, springs, ball joints, and other parts. These, along with the wheels, control how your vehicle handles the road and helps manage wear and tear.


However, it's sometimes tricky to diagnose suspension problems in your car. The signs may be present but can be mistaken for other problems. It's vital to recognize these warning signs as early as possible and to have your suspension repaired when needed.


Signs Indicating Suspension Problems

Have your suspension system checked when you begin experiencing difficulties controlling your car and your ride gets rough. Here are the common signs your suspension system needs repair:


A Bumpy Ride

This is the most significant indicator of a worn-out suspension. When you begin to experience a shaky ride when driving, such as at highway speeds, have your suspension checked and repaired. Conduct a bounce test on your vehicle. After releasing the pressure in the test process, it shouldn't bounce more than twice. If it does, repair your suspension.


Difficult Steering

It could be a suspension problem when your steering wheel becomes stiffer than usual or hard, mainly when driving at low speeds. Also, when you hear noises turning the steering wheel and your vehicle leans on one side, your suspension is faulty.


Uneven Tire Wear

The suspension system includes the wheels, and if they aren't aligned, they will wear in patches. This uneven tire wear is the most significant visual sign you need suspension repair.


Sinking Front or A Nosedive

When you feel a lurching movement when you brake, or your car takes a nosedive when trying to stop, it indicates a problem with your shocks or struts. These are components of the suspension signaling repair.


The above signs of suspension problems shouldn't be ignored. Also, when you need suspension repairs and checkups, please bring your car to BG Mobile Mechanic today. Our professionals are waiting for you.

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