How to Avoid a Deer Accident in Kentucky

With deer season upon us in Bowling Green, KY, your chances of this time of year. Did you know that the deer population is almost 1M in the state of KY? Please stay as safe as possible while on the road by following these easy tips!

Be cautious when driving during dusk or dawn

Deer wander the most during sunrise and sunset. Please ensure that you and your passengers are wearing seat belts at all times just in case you have to hard brake.

Be on the lookout for deer signs

It's extra important to be on the lookout for wildlife when driving through forested areas. Sometimes, they'll even wander in suburban neighborhoods in search of food, so it's essential to cautiously drive even if you're out of a deer zone.

Stay sharp if you spot a deer

Deer tend to travel in groups – so if you can spot one, slow down and proceed with caution. 

Use your high beams at night

Night driving can strain the eyes, so be sure you utilize your high beams when appropriate. You'll not only be able to see better, but you'll have a higher chance of detecting deer from a distance.

NEVER swerve to avoid a deer

It would be best if you did not swerve to avoid a deer collision. Shifting your vehicle can put you at risk for a worse collision with another car or obstacle. If you see a deer standing still in your path, slow down (to a stop if you have to). These animals are often mesmerized by bright lights, so don't be afraid to flash your lights or honk to get them out of your way.

Report a deer-vehicle collision

If your car ends up hitting a deer, please don't forget to contact your local authorities and insurance company to file a claim. And as always, stay calm.


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