Do My Driving Habits Affect My Maintenance Schedule?

Every vehicle comes standard with an owner's manual which contains the information and details about the vehicle's specific make and model. Another highly useful piece of information these manuals provide is the maintenance schedules that are recommended for that particular vehicle. These can include how often to schedule oil changes, tire rotations, transmission fluid flushes, brake inspections, and everything of the sort.

However, something that is not included in every manual is the fact that certain driving habits cause a higher degree of wear and tear on some vehicle components, which in turn calls for maintenance to be scheduled more frequently.

Some of these habits that require more frequently scheduled maintenance include vehicles that are mostly driven in the city, such as driving in consistently stop-and-go traffic, and also those vehicles that do lots of trips that are less than 5 miles in length. In addition, those vehicles whose drivers accelerate and brake hard very often, along with vehicles which are often driven in dusty or muddy conditions. A few more examples of severe driving would be driving at high speeds for a prolonged amount of time, and pulling or hauling very heavy loads.

All of these examples cause much higher levels of wear and tear than is normally expected by the vehicle's manufacturer. For this reason, a few key maintenance services that you want to be performed more often on your vehicle would include brake inspections and repairs, oil changes, and tire rotations.

For best practice, talk to our experts for recommendations of how often your exact type of driving warrants you to receive scheduled maintenance. It is better to keep your vehicle in great shape and wonderfully maintained than to pay unexpectedly high repair costs due to lack of vehicle maintenance.

To make it easier, try to keep a log of all the maintenance performed on your vehicle. Even if you feel this is unnecessary, this is key to making sure your vehicle stays in great shape and is reliable enough to get you and your family around, whenever you need it.

If you need car maintenance performed, give our mobile auto repair service a call today!

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