6 Signs of a Failing Alternator

The alternator is a very essential part of your car’s electrical system. It works collectively with the battery to run your vehicle’s electrical systems and help the engine to start. When an alternator begins to break down, there’s no doubt that you’ll face difficulty. Here are some of the signs to be on the lookout for:

Electrical Malfunctions

Since alternators are the power source for your electrical systems and accessories, you may notice them malfunctioning. From heated seats, power windows, to the radio, they may falter one by one. It can be annoying to deal with these parts when they don’t get the power they need. 

Blinking or Dim Lights

The headlights also retrieve power from the alternator and battery. Without this energy, they won’t perform as well. You may notice flickering or dimming. In the worst cases, the lights may not turn on at all.

Engine Issues

The alternator gets your engine started and keeps it running. Without a functional alternator, the spark plugs won’t have enough power to ignite the fuel and air mixture. Therefore, you may experience engine start problems.

Dead Battery

Since the alternator is responsible for charging the battery, the battery will eventually run out of juice. Sometimes, a dead battery may mean that the alternator is the issue and not the battery itself.

Electrical Warning Light On

If you catch a light shaped like a battery on your dashboard, this is a clear sign that something is wrong. Please bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop for inspections to be sure.

Strange Smell or Sounds

Of course, any unusual smells or sounds should spark suspicion. Squealing and grinding sounds can be a major sign that the alternator is having problems. Plus, you might catch a burnt odor when the alternator overworks itself as well.


If you notice any of the warning signs above, please bring your car to the experts at BG Mobile Mechanic. Alternator problems will only get worse the longer you wait, so come to our auto repair shop to avoid inconveniences. Feel free to give us a call or visit today!

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